Parking Lots

Greet your customers with a clean parking lot.

cleaning the concrete at a new community center
Let your first impression be a clean parking lot.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Parking lots are something that every business should take pride in. When an employee or customer pulls in, the first thing they see is the parking lot. Having a well maintained parking lot is something that speaks volumes to both your employees and your customers. One of the best ways to ensure that your parking lot stays looking sharp is by having it cleaned on an annual basis by a hot water unit. This will ensure that all of those nasty oil stains along with the dirt and mildew gets removed.

One of the best things you can do for your parking lot is to have it SEALED. This keeps all of the elements such as: oils, gases, salts, UV Rays, and water from getting into the pores of your concrete or asphalt which can cause your surface to rapidly deteriorate. Our sealant prevents that from happening. Please see our “Sealing Asphalt and Concrete Tab” for more information!

What Our Clients Say

Let real testimonials do the speaking! Pick the best and display them in this section.

"The Buckley Brothers did an amazing job cleaning our driveway and sidewalk! I highly recommend these young men - very professional, efficient, and service-oriented. Thanks, guys, for improving the appearance of our home!"
Maurine Honeycutt
Spartanburg, SC
"First rate group of guys that do excellent work. We have a large circle drive and secondary drive by the garage. They shined it up in no time and it looks better than the day I bought my house. Very nice people too."
CJ Brown
Spartanburg, SC
"These guys did an awesome job pressure washing our entire house, gutters, and driveway. They have been super responsive throughout the process. After contacting them, they came by the following day to give us a quote, even during this busy season! We look forward to contacting them again for future needs, and highly recommend their services."
Harrison Carnes
Moore, SC
"They did an outstanding job on my house & concrete today! I would recommend this company to anyone that wants to give their home a clean new look!"
Don Hazzard
Moore, SC

Get Rid Of The Unwanted Stress With A Clean Parking Lot.

Let Buckley Brothers Cleaning Services come give you a free quote today on enhancing the beauty of your home.

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