The Dirty Stuff On Your House

Help! What’s that on my house?

It is not uncommon to see a dirty look on the side of your house or even on parts all over your house.
This is especially common on houses that do not have regular maintenance of cleaning lined up. The
dirty look you see on your house could be dirt, mildew, and even mold. Stay tuned as we break down
what each of these looks like and how to take care of it properly.

Mildew is normally the quickest “eyesore” to spot around your house. Mildew can grow on pretty much
any surface on your home. From your driveway and patio to the brick foundation of your house all the
way up the side to the roof of your house. Mildew tends to be a yellow/light-green color but if it is left
untouched for too long it can begin to turn to a dark shade of green. And that is when it can begin to
stain the surface it is living on. Mildew likes to grow in places that are moist and hidden from the
sunlight for the majority of the day. If you live near a body of water of any type, mildew is going to be a
reoccurring thing you will see on the sides of your house, closest to the water.

Mold is a natural fungus that grows in moist areas in the outdoors and many times can be found on your
house. Mold can be a variety of colors on your house from green to black. Mold will appear in places of
your house that receive little to no sunlight which allows it to stay damp. This mold grows from what
was once dirt. But after the dirt sits on your house and remains damp, that is when the mold begins to
grow and feed off of the dirt that was already on your house. Mold can be dangerous because of the
potential inhalation, and the possibility of it invading the interior of your home through a hole or crack in
a window, door, or soffit seal. So it should be clean right away.

The underlying problem is the dirt that is on your house, whether you can or can’t see it. The dirt sticks
to your house for many reasons, during the windy season the dirt is being blown everywhere and sticks
easily to the side of your house and roofs. And if your siding is a little damp, it’s the perfect scenario.
While you are landscaping dirt and living organisms get kicked up and begin moving through the air and
can end up on the siding. If dirt stays on the siding long enough it can leave it looking stained or it could
turn into mildew/algae or mold.

What Do We Offer?
We can take care of the cleaning of your house to get it looking like new again. With the proper
equipment and cleaning solutions, we can help you bring your house back to the prime piece of real estate you once knew. There is no worse feeling than seeing one of your life’s biggest investments look
grungy from the road. Let us help you get the satisfying feeling of pulling into a freshly cleaned home.

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